Milestone 1 covered the period 1.03.2017 – 31.08.2017.

Major deliverables were:

  • User Requirements document. This document was produced based of the feedback collected during the meetings with the end users that took place in Legionowo, Nowy Targ, and Sieradz. The user groups were divided in three domains according to the Forest Management: A) district governors, B) State Forest and C) national parks. The two special scales were identified: regional and local. Identified user communities require EO based data for providing key information for sustainable forest management such as actual and historical forest extent, forest changes, plant condition and forest characteristics.
  • Data availability and database set up reports describing the ancillary and satellite data available for the pilot areas, EO data preparation for display and database set up.
  • Report on the progress of the forest change mapping on the regular bases based on a time series of the Sentinel-2 data.
  • Analytic documentation describing the user cases, interface and technical architecture of the system.

The management team organized the 1st User Meeting in May 2017 with users at each of the pilot districts.