Milestone 2 covered the period 1.09.2018-28.02.2017.

Major deliverables were:

  • Map of forest and woodlands for three pilot districts: Legionowo, Nowy Targ, and Sieradz. Woodland areas including tree linear elements are defined as features, which do not meet the criteria of the national forest definition. In other words, woody patched smaller than 0.1 hectares and minimum width greater than 10 m are classified as woodlands.
  • Map of forest type for three pilot districts – delineation of the coniferous and broadleaf forest. The forest type is derived based on the automatic classification of a time series of Sentinel-2 images.
  • Map of forest condition for three pilot districts. The map of forest condition is based on the indicators taking into account the content of pigments and water in the leaves. The indicators are calculated based on spectral bands from Sentinel-2.