The next meeting of the SAT4EST training cycle took place on September 11, 2019. in Nowy Targ District. The users were familiarized with the tool enabling comparison of satellite images registered at different times, satellite products dedicated to forest management, e.g. current and historical forest cover, forest type, detection of forests changes, forest condition. The users were interested at the tool for comparing satellite imagery acquired at different dates. Sentinel-2 images are provided on a regular basis with a frequency of once a month. Assess to the up to date satellite images allows detection and monitoring of changes since 2015. The integration of EO products with ancillary data (cadastral records, simplified forest plans) enabled the identification of places with disagreement between the official data, documents and situation on the ground. Users highlighted the advantages of the presented service which allows to observe the forest status over such a large area as the Nowy Targ district.