The main aim of the SAT4EST is to design system and to build non-state forest focused service dedicated to the local government administration in Poland.

The EO based service will provide a simple, intuitive and low-cost tool in a form of a web-based application easy to use and expand for another dataset. It will integrate EO based products, ancillary data and will allow calculating statistics over a given area and generating simple reports.

It will support users in:

  • preparing a tender for assembling forest inventory plans;
  • identifying discrepancies between cadastral land records and actual status on the ground;
  • verifying and accepting the existing forest inventory plan;
  • monitoring execution of the tasks assigned in the inventory plans;
  • verifying the whole plan after ten years;
  • monitoring the forest changes
  • the service will be easy to extend far beyond the scope and timespan of the project.

Project objectives:

  1. To prepare EO products that will meet the user requirements.
  2. To demonstrate how EO products can be integrated with ancillary data.
  3. To design and develop web-based service for forest management.
  4. To implement the service in the selected districts.
  5. To promote the use of various Copernicus data and products to the large community of end users.

Project duration: 1 March 2017 – 31 December 2019

Funding: project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) through the Polish Incentive Scheme Programme.



The SAT4EST service will be implemented in three selected districts: Nowy Targ, Sieradz and Legionowo. Each of the selected districts has different problems related to forest management. There is, for example a large discrepancy between land records and status on the ground in the Nowy Targ district. The large proportion of the forest is a remote mountain forest, which is difficult to govern and map. There is also a problem with the abandon land subject to natural succession. In Sieradz district located on lowland, the non-state forest is easier to manage however the forest patches are rather small and scattered. The Legionowo district is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, thus its subject to anthropogenic pressure related to urbanization.

Location of the three pilot districts  

Sentinel-2 images with the overlied boundary of the pilot districts (blue line); green polygons indicate forest managed by the State Forest.



In 2013, we have entered the market as an IT company creating map, database, mobile, and server software. Our main field is the forestry industry – we have been making the lives of field workers easier by implementing effective solutions with use of cuttingedge technologies. The company focuses on the GPS measurements and navigation methods.
Since 2016, we have also been active on the US market under the name IT for Nature, and promoting our innovative SmokeD camera designed to enhance fire protection processes by detecting smoke with help of the AI.
Every member of our team is closely connected to forests and field work – be it through education or interests. Our passion and enthusiasm connect us and help engage in company development by providing our clients with top quality services.
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Role at SAT4EST: Taxus IT manages the project and is responsible for setting up and developing the service platform.

Remote Sensing Center of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGIK) is a group of multidisciplinary experts. Our research is focused around three areas: Agriculture, Forest and Wetlands and Environmental Processes and Changes. We are specialised in the use of the Earth Observation (EO) data (optical and microwave) for vegetation and crop classification; monitoring of grassland and forest, estimation of woody and grassy biomass; estimates of crop yield and yield forecasting; drought detection and monitoring; estimates of heat fluxes; soil moisture assessment; natural hazards detection and monitoring and assessment of carbon balance. We also apply remote sensing techniques for hydrology and water management in wetland and agriculture areas. We have an excellent track-record of research projects.

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Role at SAT4EST: The Remote Sensing Center IGIK is responsible for development and production of EO based products and promoting of the EO data.